About the process
“Hordaland Fylkeskommune” and “Sogn og fjordane Fylkeskommune” are two counties that will be merged together. They wanted to create a campaign where the citizens could participate in a competition to create the new “flag” for the new county “Vestland Fylkeskommune”
“Hordaland Fylkeskommune” came to us with their idea and we were asked to find a solution on how realize their idea, as well do the post work for this production. We came up with a solution where the actors held a greenscreen-shield, so we could key out their hands an add the flags. We created about 20 different flags, tracked the greenscreen shield that the two actors held and composited it all together. We also animate text, transitions and grading.
This campaign were shown on social media, on buses, boats and on the light rail. They received great response. 

Animation: Mathias Birkeland
Project manager / Colorist: Chriostoffer Møgster

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