In this project my tasks was to animate the on air graphics, logo animation and app animations.
On air graphics
Contestants and scoreboard
Lower third and in game hud
Lost in time Logo animation
App Animations
Mystery box animations
Upgrade animation
Calculating    -    Downloading    -    Loading
1st place and level up
Lost in time - On Air Graphics
The TV show “Lost in Time” aired on TV Norge March 25th 2017. The Norwegian company behind Lost In Time, The Future Group, is a leading company in the world of interactive mixed reality technology.
One of the founders of The Future Group, Bård Anders Kasin has contributed to some of the most spectacular and innovative technology in Hollywood.
By Myreze
On Air Graphics Credits
Creative Director: Björn Myreze
Director: Christoffer Møgster
Motion Graphics: Mathias Birkeland
Motion Graphics: Jo Christian Figenschou
Design: Benjamin Lauritsen
Design:  Mats Hope

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